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Part 2 of The Yule Log From Hell 2009 "Yule Crash Yer Hard Drive"

  1. Xmas Groove (na na na) – NYCC: Christmas is like one big rave!
  2. Sugar Plum Dance – Ogden Nash: He’s no Alistair Cooke
  3. Dance of the Sugar Plum Faries – Freddy Marting: Swing-style!
  4. Oogie Boogie’s Song – Rodrigo y Gabriella: A spirited flamenco version of a tune from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
  5. One More Sleep ‘till Christmas – Kermit the Frog (Steve Whitmire): One of the many tellings of Dickens “A Christmas Carol”
  6. God Bless Us Everyone – Andrea Boccelli: from the new “Christmas Carol” movie starring Jim Carey (who plays no less than 5 roles).
  7. Christmas Christmas – Mojo Nixon: ooooooooooh baby……..we gotta go!
  8. Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag – The Bobs: New-wave Acapella (if there is such a thing)
  9. The Shepherds Chorus – Johnny Cole/Robert Evans Chorus: this 1968 track fell into obscurity…until now.
  10. White Christmas – Jimmy Smith: didn’t he used to be on NYPD Blue????
  11. Santa Claus is Getting Down – Jesse Ed Davis: This track was only available to DJs via the 2lp set “Winter Warnerland”
  12. Good King Wenceslas – Bryan Bowers: Recorded at NYC radio station WFMU several years back. We need more Dulcimer music.
  13. All I Want for Christmas – Justin Wilson: Helloooooo t’ere Father Xmas! The Cajun Cook made a Christmas album!
  14. Sleigh Ride – Diana Krall: Elvis Costello is one lucky dude!
  15. We’d Like To Wish You the Merriest Christmas – Andy Partridge: XTC front man holiday greeting
  16. Thanks for Christmas – The Three Wise Men: Ok…you got me…it’s really XTC
  17. Frosty the Snowman – Jan & Dean: Frosty is on his surfboard!
  18. Let It Snow – Robert Goulet: Smooth as a baby’s behind…
  19. The Christmas Song – Billy Crystal: you know something, dahling…you look maaaaaaaahvalous!
  20. Jingle Bell Beat – Up with People: Believe it or not this organization is still going strong after 40 years.
  21. Christmas Lullabye – Cary Grant: yes…that Cary Grant. The only record he ever made.
  22. Crackerjack Christmas – Sandpipers/Mitch Miller: everyone should have at least one Mitch Miller record in their collection. I have several.
  23. Gabriel’s Message – Sting: a remake of a song he recorded for “A Very Special Christmas” over 20years ago. From the non-Christmas CD “If On A Winter’s Night”
  24. What Child is This? – Ray Charles: This man still will still have soul 100 years from now.
  25. Happy New Year – Spike Jones & his City Slickers: the flipside to one of the most famous Christmas songs ever
  26. The Christmas Waltz – David Rose: for whatever reason these LPs still remain out of print….why?
  27. Messengers of Christmas – Mannheim Steamroller: Hard to believe that this band is celebrating 25 years. Still trying to find the appeal.
  28. Wizards in Winter – Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Thanks to a very popular YouTube video (you know the one…the one with all the synchronized Christmas lights…) this tune has gained a lot of airplay.
  29. A Christmas Toast – Bing Crosby: you know…after almost 20 years of doing this I have still not run out of Bing Crosby tunes. Go figure…
  30. Christmas is Drawing Near At Hand – Steve Winwood: from the overlooked “A Very Special Christmas vol. 3”
  31. Snowstar – Rockapella: Where in the world are these guys?????
  32. Christmas Means More Every Year – Osmond Brothers: Discovered by Andy Williams in 1961 when they were singing barbershop at Disneyland (pre-Donny) they were suddenly catapulted into success that they still enjoy today (sans the whole Dancing With The Stars thing).
  33. Christmastime in Hell – The Dark Lord & Adolf (Trey Parker & Matt Stone): The gang from South Park is still cranking them out even after 14 years.
  34. My Favorite Things – Mickey Dolenz: While not really a Christmas song…it still gets a lot of airplay.
  35. Skiiers Holiday – The Mexicalli Brass: thanks to the internet these guys have a new life on all of the Holiday Music blogs!
  36. What Are You Doing New Years Eve? – The Uptown Yultide Carol & Swing Band: employees of Cincinatti radio station WXVU decided to get a band together and record a couple of Jazz albums
  37. Carol of Christmas – Dave Boyer: While generally categorized in the Christian music genre he had some mild crossover success with his holiday music
  38. Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Henry Mancini: What can I say??? It’s Mancini.
  39. Marshmallow World – Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin: a rare live recording. It’s clear to see that Frank has a few under his belt (for Dean it was all an act!)
  40. Randi the Handi Elf – Dan Marshal: Originally a children’s story penned in 1975
  41. Shepherds Awake – Musichorale: Don’t know much about this track except I like it…so there.
  42. Merry Christmas Baby – Hanson: I’m smelling an “MmmmmmBop” remake
  43. Sleigh Ride – The Association: and then along comes Mike Love…He convinces someone to get involved in this rather half-hearted TV movie based on A Christmas Carol…well you get the picture
  44. Snowfall Cha-cha – Billy May: some of the best stuff that Sinatra ever recorded was with this guy. You can see why.
  45. ‘Zat You, Santa Claus? – Brian Setzer: even he can’t mess this one up
  46. What If Eminem did Jingle Bells – Bob Rivers Twisted Christmas: here is the uncensored version…not as bad as you think. Actually the censored version is more suggestive
  47. Pure Imagination/White Christmas – The Blenders: now Willy Wonka…that’s Christmas!
  48. Percy the Puny Pointsetta – Elmo & Patsy: the flipside to the other most famous Christmas song ever.
  49. Long Time Ago In Bethlehem – The Travelin’ Strawberries: I guess in Norway they don’t know how to say “Mary’s Boy Child”
  50. If I Get Home on Christmas Day – Elvis Presley: This man is worth $400million…AND HE’S BEEN DEAD FOR 30 YEARS. Even in 2008 they still managed to crank out a new recording.
  51. Good King Wenceslas – Ferrante & Teicher: With the passing of Art Ferrante this year I thought it fitting to include a track here.
  52. 12 Days of Christmas – Garrison Keillor: It’s so cold up in Lake Wobegon that they have to hurry through this one as fast as they can
  53. Christmas in LasVegas – Richard Cheese: when your band is called “Lounge Against the Machine” you can pretty much do whatever you want
  54. Panis Angelicus: - Luciano Pavarotti: together with the Vienna Boys Choir this is a magical recording
  55. Gesu Bambino – Liberace: I wish my brother George was here…
  56. That Old Christmas Spirit – Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme: Sad to say that the only stuff I can find from them (other than old LPs) are import CDs
  57. This Years Santa Baby – Ertha Kitt: how do you follow up one of the most recognized Christmas songs ever? This one went over like a fart in a space suit.
  58. Takin’ Care of Christmas – Randy Bachman: Peter Allen said it best…everything old is new again. Thanks to those Office Max commercials this guy’s got a whole new lease on life.
  59. We Wish You A merry Christmas – Peter, Paul & Mary: with the recent passing of Mary Travers I felt this was the best way to close out YLFH2k09.
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