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In 2009 I suffered a total hard drive crash and with it my entire holiday music collection (as well as all of my pictures). I was able to recover the hard drive (at the cost of over $2000). Needless to say I learned a very very valuable lesson. Through it all I was able to pick myself up and put out another YLFH. This is rings in at about 5hrs in total and is split up into 2 parts (yeah I went a little crazy that year but who knew if I was going to be able to ever recover). Enjoy YLFH 2009 "Yule Crash Yer Hard Drive - Part 1"

  1. Wonderful Christmastime – The Rhythm Scholar/Paul McCartney: a very interesting remix of a holiday classic. I was getting tired of hearing the original. You can find more remixes at rhythmscholar.com
  2. NutRocker – Trans-Siberian Orchestra: for some strange reason people go ga-ga over this group. I can take it or leave it. It is a great song…a nod to ELP.
  3. Here Comes Santa Claus – Bob Dylan: Statistically more Jewish performers make the best xmas records…well they did until now. It only took him 40 years.
  4. C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s – Terry Buter: a rare hard to find single. Thank God for the internet(s).
  5. The Christmas Song – Sergio Mendes Brasil 66: Nothing like a good samba to help warm up the holidays
  6. Patapan – Kings Singers: A very traditional English carol
  7. Santa Hula – Hilo Hattie: Frankly not enough Hawaiian Christmas music
  8. Believe – Josh Groban: from the “Polar Express” soundtrack
  9. Angels We Have Heard On High – David Archuletta: So what do you do after you came in 2nd on American Idol????
  10. A Cronkiters Chistmas Carol – Russ Bonsley: from what I can gather about this recording was that it was made by CBS employees probably sometime in the 60s (most of these people worked for Walter Cronkite). So I suppose if you didn’t work for CBS in the 1960s you probably would not get many of the jokes. If you listen closely you will also hear CBS newsman Harry Reasoner (who apparently was in on the joke).
  11. Happy Holiday – The Jaguars: An obscure doo-wop track from an obscure doo-wop group
  12. Humbug – Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Not sure when this track was recorded. It turned up on a rather haphazard CD collection that Rhino Records put out to try to cash in on the popularity of their hit “I Believe in Father Christmas”.
  13. Santa, Whatcha Bring Me Tonight? – Grooveworks: from the CD “A Drive-By Christmas”
  14. Silent Night – The Mills Brothers: this is pure class!
  15. Joy To the World – Steve Morse: former Dixie Dregs/Kansas (and now current Deep Purple) guitarist shreds the hell out this classic.
  16. Rock Me Father Christmas – The Barron Knights: The UK’s version of Al Yankovic (except these guys have been doing it since the late 50’s).
  17. Santa Claus is Coming to Town – The Rubber Band: no shortage of Beatles sound-alikes
  18. The Chanukah Song – Neil Diamond: WOW…a Jew singing a song about Chanukah…you almost never hear that. Yes this is a remake of the Adam Sandler tune.
  19. Jingle Bells – Barbara Streisand: You go, Babs!
  20. This Christmas – Chris Brown: When he’s not whoomping on his girlfriend he managed to squeak this one in. From the soundtrack “This Christmas”
  21. 2000 Miles – Holly Cole: a tender remake of a Pretenders tune. This CD was only sold at Starbucks (you need the coffee to stay awake)
  22. Carol of the Bells – Spyro Gyra: This is what smooth jazz is all about
  23. Parade of the Wooden Soldiers – The Spitfire Band: This Toronto based big band tears it up (I didn’t know they had big bands in the great white north)
  24. We Three Kings – Sufjen Stevens: He released 5 holiday CD’s in the same year. Guess he’s good for a while.
  25. Pepit Papa Noel – Herman Apple: this Quebec based percussion-heavy ensemble reminds me of the old “persuasive percussion” records I had when I was a kid
  26. Feliz Navidad – Vikki Carr: that’s the night that her lights went out in Georgia!
  27. ‘twas the Night Before Christmas – Robin Williams/Boston Pops: You would think he would have yukked this up a bit more. He played it so straight I almost didn’t recognize him. The Boston Pops is under the direction of Keith Lockhart.
  28. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer – The Longines Symphonette Society: I remember having these records as a kid (we used to get them from Readers Digest)
  29. Jesus Was A Dreidel Spinner – Jill Sobule: You tell ‘em Jill…after all, you kissed a girl!
  30. O’ Christmas Tree – Jeff Golub: from “Six-string Santa”
  31. Here Comes Fatty Claus – Rudolph and the Gang: Well Christmas isn’t all snowfall and sugar plum fairies.
  32. Go Power at Christmas Time – James Brown: This man works harder than Santa Claus…take me to the bridge!
  33. A Party for Santa Claus – Lord Nelson: Yes, I think Santa deserves a party. From the album “Xmas Marks the Spot”
  34. Don’t Believe in Christmas – The Orangu-tones: this Austin, TX based band really does believe in Santa. They’re just in it for the money.
  35. Schlepp the Halls with Loaves of Challa – The Three Weissmen: is that how you spell Challa???? Kinda like Chanukah.
  36. Ave Maria – Aretha Franklin: She is truly a diva. She sings her butt off.
  37. The Twisted Christmas Song – Bob Rivers Twisted Xmas: just in time for the new chipmunk movie.
  38. That Swingin’ Manger – Bob Francis: Welcome to the Leopord-Loin-Cloth Lounge!
  39. The Little Drummer Boy – Johnny Cash: The man in black rides again!
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