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In 2007 I was back to making upwards about 40-50 CDs as Christmas cards. Mailing them out was a monumental task. Getting it done before Christamas was even more stressful. I always labored over the mix. Trying to find the right mix and make it as close to 80mins as possible (in order to get the max out of a CD. Once the show became a podcast those time restrictions were no longer an issue. Enjoy YLFH 2007 "TIMBER!"

  1. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – The Blenders: Those who know me well know I love acapella groups. This group reminds me very much of Take6. note: other than the drums every other sound you hear on this track is voices. This is my new favorite acapella group.
  2. What’s This? – Fall Out Boy: having a teenage daughter has it’s advantages. You get to hear a lot of what’s new out there (being a musician helps too). This Chicago quartet tackles one of my faves from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  3. My Christmas Card to You – The Partridge Family: When I was a kid this was the most popular TV show on (other than Happy Days). You “Disney”philes will recognize this song from one of their holiday shows. David Cassidy takes the lead vocals here. This track was restored from vinyl that I found from a friend online.
  4. A Winter Soundscape – Jethro Tull: Ian Anderson has created what has become one of my new favorite xmas cd’s (the Jethro Tull Chrismas Album). It’s a cross between Windham hill and old Genesis. If you have not heard this CD yet highly recommend it.
  5. Christmas Children – David Collings, Richard Beaumont, Karen Scargill: This lovely little piece comes to us from the 1971 movie “Scrooge” (starring Albert Finney). This recording came to me from an old record. I’m not sure why this soundtrack has been released on CD. The film is available, however, on DVD.
  6. Elf’s Lament – Barenaked Ladies: I can’t get enough from these guys. This tells the story from the elf’s point of view. I discovered them long before they made it big in the US (thanks to a friend from Canada I was working with in 1995). From the CD “Barenaked for the Holidays”
  7. ‘zat You, Santa Claus? – Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem: The great Dr. Teeth (originally voiced by the late Jim Henson…now Bill Barretta helms) takes a crack at this great Satchamo classic. From the CD “Muppets Green & Red Christmas”
  8. Jingle Bell Rock – David Seville & the Chipmunks: AAAAAAAALLLLLLVINNNN!!!!! With the new Chipmunks movie coming out I decided to dig out the original discs featuring the late great David Seville (Ross Bagdisarian). His son now provides the voices for the new movie.
  9. Christmas is Coming – David Benoit: The smooth jazz fave takes a little latin twist to the great Vince Gauraldi classic (originally from “A Charlie Brown Christmas”).
  10. Christmas Concerto – Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Possibly the shortest concerto I have ever heard (ringing in at 45seconds).
  11. Everyone’s a Kid at Christmastime – Stevie Wonder: How can you not like Stevie Wonder????
  12. The Christmas Waltz – Beegie Adair Trio: As much as I love acapella groups I can not get enough of jazz trios. Coming out of Kentucky, Beegie (pronounced “Bee-Gee”) and her band (Chirs Brown & Roger Spencer) are getting raves wherever they go. Keep your eye on this group.
  13. (Sweet Angie) The Christmas Tree Angel – Arthur Godfrey & the Chordettes: For those of you old enough to remember Arthur Godfrey hosted a very popular radio show in the 40’s and eventually an equally popular TV show in the 50’s. He is more noted for his temper and the way he treated his colleagues and fellow performers (dubbed “little Godfreys”) of which the Chordettes were part of that group. The Chodettes are better known for their classics “Lolipop” and “Mr. Sandman”. Note: even though Arthur Godfrey was born in NY he lived for many years in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ (there is the local tie-in). He is a member of the Aviator Hall of Fame located in Teterboro Airport.
  14. Holiday Carols – Larry the Cable-Guy: Some alternative Christmas classics. From the CD “Christmas in Larry-land”. Git ‘er done!!!!
  15. Christmastime is Here – Steve Vai: Guitar virtuoso Steve Vai (from Frank Zappa’s band) gives the Vince Gauraldi classic the star treatment.
  16. The Holly and the Ivy – Christmas Carols Tijuana Style – Thanks to our friends at falalala.com this little ditty came to me on an 8-track tape. Restoring this 1970’s obscurity was a labor of love.
  17. La Clohce de Noel – Canadian Brass: It’s rare that you hear a brass group sound so big and full but this group out of Toronto (celebrating their 35th anniversary) makes it sound so easy.
  18. Hey, You, Get Off of My House – Bob River’s Twisted Xmas: It would not be a YLFH disc without a track from the Seatle DJ who has put xmas on it’s ear. A sort of a Frank Sinatra-esque take on the Rolling Stones “hey you get off of my cloud”.
  19. What are you Doing New Year’s Eve – The Carpenters: It can’t be a YLFH disc without a track from Karen & Rich. This one is from the expanded 2CD “Christmas Memories”.
  20. Frosty All the Way!!! – Boston Pops: This time the Pops is helmed by Keith Lockhart.
  21. The Man with All the Toys – The Beach Boys: I have recently been listening to a lot of Brian Wilson and it has really hit me how much of a musical genius he is. Originally from “Beach Boys Christmas Album” this has now been remastered and expanded (with tons of bonus tracks) to the “Beach Boys Ultimate Christmas”
  22. Deck the Halls – The Lettermen: This smooth 60’s pop vocal group doesn’t get much air play. I found this in my archives recently. I almost forgot about it myself.
  23. Gridlock Christmas – The Hollytones: for those of you who travel (or commute) during the Holidays can relate. From the CD “Dr. Dememto’s Holidays in Dementia”
  24. O Come All Ye Faithful – Andre Kostelonetz: let’s face it…everyone’s dad (or grandfather) had a copy of this record.
  25. Christmas Prayer - The Penguins: From the group who brought you “Earth Angel”. It wasn’t too common in the 50’s for groups to put out Christmas records. I rescued this one from an old 45 I found.
  26. Christmas Must Be Tonight – Darryl Hall & John Oats: Arguably the most successful recoding duo in rock history. They are back with a brand new holiday CD called “Home for Christmas” (which also includes a new recording of “Jingle Bell Rock”).
  27. I Saw Three Ships – Rick Springfield: Paging Dr. Noah Drake!!!! The man who was a household name in the 80’s on General Hospital and the perennial hit “Jesse’s Girl” has returned with a new Holiday CD “Christmas with You”
  28. Snow Medley – Spike Jones & his Orchestra: It’s hard to believe Spike Jones doing a serious song…ok, well somewhat serious…after all…it’s Spike Jones.
  29. Pine Cones & Hollyberries (it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas) – The Osmond Brothers: with the passing recently of Osmond patriarch and all the attention that sister Marie has been getting I dusted off this 2 LP set and gave it the royal treatment. Why in God’s name none of this has been released to CD is a giant mystery.
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