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In 2007 I was back to making upwards about 40-50 CDs as Christmas cards. Mailing them out was a monumental task. Getting it done before Christamas was even more stressful. I always labored over the mix. Trying to find the right mix and make it as close to 80mins as possible (in order to get the max out of a CD. Once the show became a podcast those time restrictions were no longer an issue. Enjoy YLFH 2007 "TIMBER!"

  1. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – The Blenders: Those who know me well know I love acapella groups. This group reminds me very much of Take6. note: other than the drums every other sound you hear on this track is voices. This is my new favorite acapella group.
  2. What’s This? – Fall Out Boy: having a teenage daughter has it’s advantages. You get to hear a lot of what’s new out there (being a musician helps too). This Chicago quartet tackles one of my faves from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  3. My Christmas Card to You – The Partridge Family: When I was a kid this was the most popular TV show on (other than Happy Days). You “Disney”philes will recognize this song from one of their holiday shows. David Cassidy takes the lead vocals here. This track was restored from vinyl that I found from a friend online.
  4. A Winter Soundscape – Jethro Tull: Ian Anderson has created what has become one of my new favorite xmas cd’s (the Jethro Tull Chrismas Album). It’s a cross between Windham hill and old Genesis. If you have not heard this CD yet highly recommend it.
  5. Christmas Children – David Collings, Richard Beaumont, Karen Scargill: This lovely little piece comes to us from the 1971 movie “Scrooge” (starring Albert Finney). This recording came to me from an old record. I’m not sure why this soundtrack has been released on CD. The film is available, however, on DVD.
  6. Elf’s Lament – Barenaked Ladies: I can’t get enough from these guys. This tells the story from the elf’s point of view. I discovered them long before they made it big in the US (thanks to a friend from Canada I was working with in 1995). From the CD “Barenaked for the Holidays”
  7. ‘zat You, Santa Claus? – Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem: The great Dr. Teeth (originally voiced by the late Jim Henson…now Bill Barretta helms) takes a crack at this great Satchamo classic. From the CD “Muppets Green & Red Christmas”
  8. Jingle Bell Rock – David Seville & the Chipmunks: AAAAAAAALLLLLLVINNNN!!!!! With the new Chipmunks movie coming out I decided to dig out the original discs featuring the late great David Seville (Ross Bagdisarian). His son now provides the voices for the new movie.
  9. Christmas is Coming – David Benoit: The smooth jazz fave takes a little latin twist to the great Vince Gauraldi classic (originally from “A Charlie Brown Christmas”).
  10. Christmas Concerto – Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Possibly the shortest concerto I have ever heard (ringing in at 45seconds).
  11. Everyone’s a Kid at Christmastime – Stevie Wonder: How can you not like Stevie Wonder????
  12. The Christmas Waltz – Beegie Adair Trio: As much as I love acapella groups I can not get enough of jazz trios. Coming out of Kentucky, Beegie (pronounced “Bee-Gee”) and her band (Chirs Brown & Roger Spencer) are getting raves wherever they go. Keep your eye on this group.
  13. (Sweet Angie) The Christmas Tree Angel – Arthur Godfrey & the Chordettes: For those of you old enough to remember Arthur Godfrey hosted a very popular radio show in the 40’s and eventually an equally popular TV show in the 50’s. He is more noted for his temper and the way he treated his colleagues and fellow performers (dubbed “little Godfreys”) of which the Chordettes were part of that group. The Chodettes are better known for their classics “Lolipop” and “Mr. Sandman”. Note: even though Arthur Godfrey was born in NY he lived for many years in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ (there is the local tie-in). He is a member of the Aviator Hall of Fame located in Teterboro Airport.
  14. Holiday Carols – Larry the Cable-Guy: Some alternative Christmas classics. From the CD “Christmas in Larry-land”. Git ‘er done!!!!
  15. Christmastime is Here – Steve Vai: Guitar virtuoso Steve Vai (from Frank Zappa’s band) gives the Vince Gauraldi classic the star treatment.
  16. The Holly and the Ivy – Christmas Carols Tijuana Style – Thanks to our friends at falalala.com this little ditty came to me on an 8-track tape. Restoring this 1970’s obscurity was a labor of love.
  17. La Clohce de Noel – Canadian Brass: It’s rare that you hear a brass group sound so big and full but this group out of Toronto (celebrating their 35th anniversary) makes it sound so easy.
  18. Hey, You, Get Off of My House – Bob River’s Twisted Xmas: It would not be a YLFH disc without a track from the Seatle DJ who has put xmas on it’s ear. A sort of a Frank Sinatra-esque take on the Rolling Stones “hey you get off of my cloud”.
  19. What are you Doing New Year’s Eve – The Carpenters: It can’t be a YLFH disc without a track from Karen & Rich. This one is from the expanded 2CD “Christmas Memories”.
  20. Frosty All the Way!!! – Boston Pops: This time the Pops is helmed by Keith Lockhart.
  21. The Man with All the Toys – The Beach Boys: I have recently been listening to a lot of Brian Wilson and it has really hit me how much of a musical genius he is. Originally from “Beach Boys Christmas Album” this has now been remastered and expanded (with tons of bonus tracks) to the “Beach Boys Ultimate Christmas”
  22. Deck the Halls – The Lettermen: This smooth 60’s pop vocal group doesn’t get much air play. I found this in my archives recently. I almost forgot about it myself.
  23. Gridlock Christmas – The Hollytones: for those of you who travel (or commute) during the Holidays can relate. From the CD “Dr. Dememto’s Holidays in Dementia”
  24. O Come All Ye Faithful – Andre Kostelonetz: let’s face it…everyone’s dad (or grandfather) had a copy of this record.
  25. Christmas Prayer - The Penguins: From the group who brought you “Earth Angel”. It wasn’t too common in the 50’s for groups to put out Christmas records. I rescued this one from an old 45 I found.
  26. Christmas Must Be Tonight – Darryl Hall & John Oats: Arguably the most successful recoding duo in rock history. They are back with a brand new holiday CD called “Home for Christmas” (which also includes a new recording of “Jingle Bell Rock”).
  27. I Saw Three Ships – Rick Springfield: Paging Dr. Noah Drake!!!! The man who was a household name in the 80’s on General Hospital and the perennial hit “Jesse’s Girl” has returned with a new Holiday CD “Christmas with You”
  28. Snow Medley – Spike Jones & his Orchestra: It’s hard to believe Spike Jones doing a serious song…ok, well somewhat serious…after all…it’s Spike Jones.
  29. Pine Cones & Hollyberries (it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas) – The Osmond Brothers: with the passing recently of Osmond patriarch and all the attention that sister Marie has been getting I dusted off this 2 LP set and gave it the royal treatment. Why in God’s name none of this has been released to CD is a giant mystery.

In 2006 I was still was still creating CDs for the YLFH so the mixes were only about 80mins and they didn't have the same format as they do today. Also I would include a track sheet with little commentaries about each song. Since I still have the mix files handy this will give you a glimpse into the evolution of The Yule Log From Hell. Enjoy YLFH 2006 "Yule Shoot Yer Eye Out"


Keep in mind that I wrote this track listing and it's comments in 2006...just to give you a timeline perspective:


  1. Whatever Happened to Christmas – Aimee Mann: I can never get enough of Aimee Mann. Her solo work (post “Till Tuesday) is phenomenal. So needless to say I was excited when I heard she was releasing a xmas CD. Now if she can only do CD with her husband (Michael Penn…another fave).
  2. Holiday for Bells – Bert Kaempfert: Bert has the distinction of turning down a certain group from Liverpool when they came into Decca records in January 1963 for an audition. Well it certainly hasn’t hurt his career (or there’s either, for that matter). From the Album “Christmas Wonderland”
  3. Jingle Bell Rock – The Beatmas: Speaking of Liverpool…After hearing the Fab Four’s xmas cd I went on the hunt to find more “Beatle”esque holiday music and found this little ditty. Never heard of them before but it’s a cool cut.
  4. Oh Holy Night – Eric Cartman (Trey Parker): It’s hard to believe that a crudely drawn cartoon show about a bunch of foul-mouthed kids from Colorado has been on the air for 10 years…oh I know why…because it’s freakin’ funny!!!!
  5. Holly Leaves & Christmas Trees – Elvis Presley: When you get tired of hearing “Blue Xmas” you might want to check out this one. This is an alternate take (#8 to be exact) then the one that was included on his holiday album.
  6. Island Christmas – Michael Franks: A fave on the “smooth Jazz” radio stations. Listen to the lyrics…we should all be that lucky
  7. Medley: Winter Wonderland / Silver Bells / White Christmas – The Carpenters: Tell me you can’t get enough of Karen’s voice. Too bad they only did 1 holiday album.
  8. Last Christmas – Jimmy Eats World: This song has become this generations “White Xmas” (not that George Michael is doing anything (musical) these days).
  9. Christmas Bells – Cast of “RENT”: I recently saw this show with my daughter (she loves this show). Based on Puccini’s “La Boheme”. This song reminds me of the big quintet number from “west side story”. In context with the story this is not the most jovial holiday tune but they can’t all be (I guess).
  10. Baby it’s Cold Outside – Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme: Of all the versions floating around of this song (how did this get associated with xmas anyway???) this is the version I remember from my childhood. I used to have this on vinyl (long gone) and up until last week couldn’t find it anywhere (not even on the “best of” cd…wtf???). I recently discovered this on some obscure holiday CD from the UK. Thank you LimeWire!
  11. Fezziwig’s Annual Christmas Ball – Cast of “A Christmas Carol”. From 1995 – 2004 this show ran (seasonally) at the Theatre at Madison square Garden (at one time it was called the Paramount). I saw it several times throughout the years with various casts (the last one being Tim Curry as scrooge). Written by Alan Menken (of “little mermaid” fame). Another song from this show (“a place called home”) also turned up at DisneyWorld’s “Mickey’s ‘twas the night Before Xmas” show (in front of Cinderella’s castle).
  12. Medley: Joy to the World/Jingle Bells/Away in a Manger/We Wish You a Merry Chrismas – Arthur Feidler &the Boston Pops: Scouring through my father-in-law’s vinyl collection I came across this little gem. I though I had every Boston Pops album in the world. I did an extensive search for this on CD before entering into a restoration project (the LP was pretty worn out). I feature another cut from this album later on this CD.
  13. O Holy Night – Billy Vaughn: I try not to double up on tunes but what the heck. I also found this piece of vinyl in my father-in-law’s record collection as well. Kinda reminds me of Montavoni.
  14. Jingle Bells – Frank Sinatra & Bing Crosby: Sometime in the 50’s Bing & Frank did a several holiday radio shows. The audio was rescued from some obscure record that I found at the in-law’s house. I’m 3 for 3. Sounds like Bing and Frank liked to hit the sauce a lot.
  15. Jul det Cool – Mc Einer: Several years ago I used to work for a Swedish software company. I like the interesting sampling of “sleigh ride”. Swedish hip-hop. Never thought there could be such a thing.
  16. Merry Xmas everyone – Shakin’ Stevens: This UK fave has been getting some airplay in the states thanks to satellite radio. This guy never made a splash in the US. Isn’t that always the case?
  17. Turkey Lurkey Time – Cast of “CAMP”: from the show “Promises, Promises” written by one of the greatest songwriters – Burt Bacharach. This particular version comes from the movie “Camp” (about a group of teenagers at a summer camp for kids who are incurably hooked on Broadway).
  18. Snoopy & the Red Baron Christmas – The Royal Gaurdsmen: A holiday follow up to their hit “Snoopy vs. the Red Baron”. This one was hard to find.
  19. Hurry Home for Christmas – Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme w/the Boston Pops: another Steve & Eydie holiday chestnut. This one from the same LP as #12.
  20. Just another New Year’s Eve – Barry Manilow: in December 1976 Barry had a 3 week run at the Uris Theatre (now called the Gershwin)on Broadway. Of which was recorded and released as “Barry Manilow Live” in 1977. He wrote this song during the run because they were playing the New Years Eve show there. This recording was from the first performance. Since then Barry performed this song every year for the next 15 or so on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve on ABC. The last several years Barry went away and was replaced by a bunch of crap! I must be getting old. I’m a sucker for the classics.
  21. Merry Xmas Everybody – Hermes House Band: Not to be confused with track 16. I stumbled across this song on a compilation from the UK called “Pop Christmas”. Very raucous. But very cool.
  22. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Judy Garland: For years I could never understand why you never hear this version anymore. Well for one thing everyone tends to change the lyrics. This song was originally featured in the MGM classic “Meet Me in St. Louis”. This version is included here. This is the real deal.

Episode 5 – 4 Hours Too Long

This week’s episode is extended for your listening pleasure and presented without any interruption (ok just one). Our holiday gift to you. Here’s hoping you have a wonderful holiday and a happy, healthy New Year from all of us at The Yule Log From Hell!

1)     The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Garth Brooks

2)    Christmas Won’t Mean Much Without You J.D. Desharmas / Ray Magnuski

3)    This Christmas Donny Hathaway / Kenya Hathaway

4)    Christmas in the Congo Teddy & the Tall Tops

5)    Santa’s Got A Mullet Nerf Herder

6)    The First Noel Mario Lanza

7)    You’re All I Want For Christmas Frankie Laine

8)    My Favorite Things The Four Freshmen

9)    Mistletoe Justice Crew

10)  Strange Way To Save The World Michael Crawford

11)   When Christmas Comes This Year BJ Thomas

12)   Town Meeting Danny Elfman

13)  Run, Run Rudolph Phineas (Vincent Martella)

14)  The Wonderful World of Christmas Elvis Presley

15)   Fairytale of New York Ronin Keating / Maire Brennan

16)   Christmas Smorgasbord The Swedish Chef (Bill Barretta)

17)   We Three Kings Moore By Four

18)  Winter Wonderland Rod Steward / Michael Buble

19)   25th of Last December Roberta Flack

20)  Santa Claus Bo Carter

21)   Silver Bells The Hiltonaires / Tony Mansel Singers

22)  All I Want Styx

23)  The Christmas Tree David Rose

24)  Jingle Bell Rock 50 Guitars Orchestra

25)  Frosty the Snowman (Rondo Bros Remix) Patti Page

26)  Noel Out of Your Sleep Ensemble for Early Music

27)  Last Christmas Monique Kessons

28)  An Old Christmas Card Wilf Carter

29)  Joyus Christmas Song Bay High School Choir (Cleveland, OH)

30)  Dance Arabe Xavier Cugat

31)  Holiday Hootenanny Paul & Paula

32)  Give A Little Peace The Pasadenas

33)  Do You Hear What I Hear? Crystal Theory

34)  Nuclear Christmas Goop

35)  Christmas Island Vatican Cellars

36)  March of the Kings Longines Symphonette

37)  Must Be Santa Lorne Greene

38)  Santa Got Lost In Texas Michael Landon

39)  The Night Before Christmas (In Texas) Freddy Martin / Murray Arnold

40)  Merry Texas Christmas Y’all Asleep at the Wheel

41)  Is Christmas Only A Tree Bing Crosby

42)  Santa Claus is Coming to Town Frank Sinatra

43)  Baby, It’s Cold Outside Dean Martin / Martina McBride

44)  Santa’s Lament Father Guido Sarducci (Frank Novelo)

45)  I Heard The Bells The High Spirits of Holy Spirit School (Whitehall, OH)

46)  Christmastime is Here (alternate take) Vince Guaraldi

47)  Feliz Navidad Brave Combo

48)  Christmas Twist Los Lobos / Syd Straw

49)  Holidaze- Bobby Rivers

50)  Parade of the Toy Soldiers Nelson Riddle

51)   Winterland Spotnicks

52)  Mr. Scrooge The Orchids

53)  A Christmas Sighting C3P0 (Anthony Daniels)

54)  Waiting for Santa Glee Club Smarties

55)  I Wonder As I Wander Percy Faith & His Orchestra

56)  When Christmas Comes to Town Matt Hall / Meagan Moore

57)  Christmas Time Again Reuben Anderson

58)  Do They Know It’s Christmas / Savior’s Day / Mistletoe & Wine / Happy Xmas Treorchy Morriston Orpheus & Pontardulls

59)  Christmas Time The Cowsills

60)  Last Christmas goto80

61)   Carolling, Carolling Nat King Cole

62)  Hurry Home For Christmas Fanfare Orchestra

63)  Warm in December Seth McFarlane

64)  Christmas Time is Here Again The Smithereens

65)  Everywhere It’s Christmas The Beatles

66)  The First Noel The Fab Four

67)  Mary’s Boy Child The Rubber Band

68)  Because it’s Christmas Barry Manilow / Rosie O’Donell

69)  Merry Christmas Baby Todd Wolfe Band

70)  O Come, All Ye Faithful / We Three Kings / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Billy Joel

71)   In Summer Main Street

72)  Mother’s Spiritual Idena Menzel

73)  Noel: Christmas Eve 1913 John Denver

74)  Santa Got Stuck In My Chimney

75)  Getting Ready for Christmas Day Paul Simon

76)  Let It Snow Marillion

77)  Santa Claus is Coming To Town (SNL  12/19/2015) Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

78)  Sleigh Ride The Overtones


©2015 While-U-Were-Out Productions


Episode 4 – Hot-Foot Hoverboard

Stop the madness!!!!

 1)     The most Wonderful Time of the Year – Chris McDonald Orchestra

2)    Christmas in the 80’s – Futureheads

3)    I wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday – Wizzard

4)    Christmas in the Club – Tom Tom Club

5)   Blue Christmas – Scott Bradlee & PostModern Jukebox

6)    Frosty the Snowman – Zee Avi

7)    All I want for Christmas is You – Chase Holfelder

8)    Mary, Did You Know? – Peter Hollens

9)    Christmas Can-Can – Straight No Chaser

10) WWII Holiday Flashback – USAF Band and Chorus

11)   Christmastime is Here – Stone Temple Pilots – RIP Scott Weilend 1967-2015

12)  God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/The First Nowell/Go Tell It On the Mountain – Swingle Singers – RIP Ward Swingle 1927-2015

13)   Letter to Santa – Little Jimmy Dickens – RIP 1920-2015

14)  I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm – Ray Charles Singers – RIP Ray Charles 1928-2015

15)  12 Days of Christmas – The Weavers – RIP Ronnie Gilbert 1926-2015

16)  Thanks for Christmas – Lawrence Welk – RIP Neil Levang 1932-2015

17)  The Christmas Song – Twisted Sister – RIP AJ Piero 1959-2015

18)   Little Drummer Boy – Beverley Sisters – RIP Joy Beverley 1924-2015

19)  Auld Lang Syne – Bill Keith – RIP 1939-2015

20)                Back Door Santa – BB King – RIP 1925-2015

21)  O Holy Night – Weezer

22) I hate Christmas – Oscar the Grouch (Caroll Spinney)

23) Christmas fever – Timmy Christmas

24) River – Sam Palladio

25)Joyous Christmas – Beneficial Singers

26) May Christmas Bring You Happiness – Luther Vandross

27) Dysfunctional Family Christmas – Phil Hartman/Jan Hooks/Dana Carvey/Mike Meyers/Julia Sweeney

28) The Bell That Couldn’t Jingle – We Three Sings

29) Winter Wonderland – Ronny & the Daytonas

30) It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas – The Minionaires

31)   Sleigh Ride – John Eidsvoog


©2015 While-U-Were-Out-Productions


Episode 3 – Final Project Fracas

Compiled by C & A Droz

Edited and Produced by K Droz


1)     The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year – Chicago

2)    Silver Bells – Lee Kaapana

3)    Jingle Bell Rock – The Platters

4)    Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Mel & Kim

5)    A Dreamer’s Holiday – Perry Como

6)   I’ll Be Home – Meghan Trainor

7)    Every Time Christmas Comes Around – Michael McDonald

8)    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town – The Mills Brothers

9)    Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow – The cast of Glee

10)  Greensleeves – John Coltrane Trio

11)    Shake Up Christmas – Train

12)  Christmastime is Here – Scott Wilkie

13)  I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm – India.Aria / Joe Sample

14)  Perfect Gift – Dr. Elmo

15)  What Do You Get A Wookie For Christmas – VoicePlay

16)  Silent Night – Six to Eight Mathmatics

17)   Latke Recipe – The Maccabeats

18)  Watch Me – SIX13

19)   Chanukah Song #4 – Adam Sandler

20) Winter Romance – Dean Martin

21)  The Christmas Waltz – The Carpenters

22) I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm – Jo Stafford

23) There’s No Place Like Home – Glen Campbell

24) Please Come Home For Christmas – James Brown

25) Carol of the Bells – NY Philharmonic

26) Christmas is the Time – Darlene Love

27)  Have Yourself A Merry Christmas – Ken Peplowski Quartet

28) Little Jack Frost, Get Lost – Frankie Carle (ft. Marjorie Hughes – vox)

29) Boogie Woogie Santa Claus – Mabel Scott

30) My Birthday Comes on Christmas – Spike Jones (ft.George Rock – vox)

31)  Sleigh Ride – This Wild Life


©2015 While-U-Were-Out Productions


Episode 2 – Christmas Card Racket

It’s amazing that people actually still mail out Christmas cards lol!


1)     The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Danny Gokey

2)     All Around the Christmas Tree – Mark Warnow/Dick Todd

3)     I Saw Three Ships – Jacob Collier

4)     Christmas Song – Irrwisch

5)     Good King Wencaslas – Galliard Brass Ensemble

6)     Ringing Bells – Hill & Haleand their Merry Friends (Ft. Matty Ride)

7)     8 Days a Week – The Bobs

8)     Santa Never Brings Me A Banjo – David Myles

9)     Christmas3 – Martin Levac/Chantale Gange

10) Someday at Christmas – Stevie Wonder/Andra Day

11) Run with the Fox – Chris Squire’s Swiss Chior – RIP 1948-2015

12) Where Are You Christmas – Taylor Momson / James Horner – RIP 1953-2015

13) Mr. Mistletoe – Lynn Anderson – RIP 1947-2015

14) Mr. Elf Blues – Daron Norwood – RIP 1965-2015

15) The Christmas Song – Ben E King – RIP 1938-2015

16) Christmas is for Children – Glen Campbell

Christmas Seals PSA – Bill Cosby

17) Baby It’s Cold Outside –Parody of Bill Cosby

18) Christmas in Memphis – Liam Gundy

19) Christmas Time is Here – Kim Waters

20) Mele Kilikimaka – Train

21) Catching Snowflakes On Your Tongue – Mannheim Steamroller

22) Carol of the Bells – Christine Brown

23) From All Of Us To All Of You – Cliff Edwards (Jiminy Cricket / Walt Disney (Mickey Mouse)

24) Here Come Santa Claus (Spankox remix) – Elvis Presley

25) I Want To Spend Christmas with Elvis – Debbie Dabney

26) The Little Christmas Tree – Nat King Cole

27) Jingle Bells – Sammy Davis Jr.

28) Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow (alternate take) – Dean Martin

29) I Wouldn’t Trade Christmas – The Sinatra Family

30) The Night Before Christmas – Stan Freeberg – RIP 1926-2015

31) Sleigh Ride – Jon Graboff

Episode 1 – Red Cup Rage-aholic
Like this is the worst thing plaguing us right now (facepalm)
1) The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Brian Setzer Orchestra
2) Winter Wonderland – Jim Klein
3) Santa Claus Looks Like My Daddy – Danny Kaye
4) That’s What Christmas Means to Me – Pentatonix
5) Winter Song – Sara Barelles/Ingrid Michaelson
6) Christmas (baby please come home) – Jon Bon Jovi
7) We Three Kings- DC Talk
8) Christmas is Coming – Ross Lynch & R5
9) Merry Christmas Baby – India Arie/Michael McDonald
10) Winter Weather – Kenny Rogers/Time Jumpers
11) We Wish You a Merry Christmas – Jeff Golub –R IP 1955-2015
12) Sweetest Dreams Be Thine – Theodore Bikel –R IP 1924-2015
Christmas Seals PSA- Leonard Nimoy –RIP 1931-2015
13) Brand New Christmas – Hot Chocolate –R IP Errol Brown 1943-2015
14) Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Three Dog Night –R IP Cory Wells 1941-2015 / Jimmy Greenspan 1948-2015
15) Here We Come A Caroling – The Ray Charles Singers –R IP Ray Charles 1918-2015
16) Santa Claus Is Doing the Monkey – Arnold Dover
17) Merry Twist-mas – The Marcels
18) Jingle Bells – The GURU Project (ft. Eric St. Michaels)
19) Welcome Christmas Morn – Foster & Allen
20) The Spirit of Christmas – Leann Rhimes/Aloe Blacc
21) 21st Century Christmas – Sir Cliff Richard
22) Christmas Date Boogie – Pete Johnson/Joe Turner
23) I’m Gettin’ Pissed for Christmas – Peter & the Test Tube Babies/G.B.H.
24) Christmas On the Dance Floor – Gerard Joling
25) Santa Claus, Go Straight To the Ghetto – Mint Condition
26) Overture to a Merry Christmas – Jubilate Deo Chorale and Orchestra
27) Happy Xmas (war is over) – Marillion
28) I Love Christmas – Tommy James
29) Christmas Kisses – The Bookends
30) The Little Drummer Boy – Sir Christopher Lee –RIP 1922-2015
31) Sleigh Ride – Mercy Me

©2015 – While-U-Were-Out Productions


Episode 5 Lets Put the x Back in Christmas!!!

This episode of YLFH has been extended for your listening pleasure and presented without interruption (ok...maybe one). Our Christmas gift to you. Everyone at YLFH wishes you a happy, healthy and merry holiday! (whatever you happen to celebrate)

1)      The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Point of Grace

2)    Blue Xmas (to whom it may concern) – Miles Davis

3)    Christmas is the Day – Free Design

4)     YuleMan vs. the AntiClaus – The Bobs

5)    O Holy Night – Duwende

6)    I Found the Brains of Santa Claus – Jason and the Steptones

7)     Christmas is Where You Are – Jive Aces

8)    I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Little Anthony

9)    Lights On the Tree – Loopline

10)  The Season’s Upon Us – Dropkick Murhys

11)     Oscar the Christmas Tree – Steve Courtney

12)   Little Drummer Boy – Daryl Stuermer

13)   Lollipop Parade on Christmas Morn – Joy Electric

14)    Let It Snow (8-bit version) – Bit Shifter

15)   Christmas Cometh Caroling – Kenny Loggins

16)   Here Comes Santa Claus – Nashville Superpickers

17)    Winter in Nor’Dakota – Mylo Hatzenberg

18)   White Trash Christmas – Bob Rivers Twisted Christmas

19)   Donde Esta Santa Claus – Guster

20) The Night Santa Went Crazy – Weird Al Yankovic

21)   Mr. Santa – Birchwood Pops

22)  Santa’s Polka – Brave Combo

23)  Santa’s Back In Town – Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes

24)  Santa’s Messin’ With the Kid – Eddie Campbell

25)  Santacide – Todies

26) We Need A Little Christmas – Paris Mitchell Voices

27)  I Wonder as I Wander – Carlos Salzedo

28) Christmas On My Mind – The Hep Stars

29)  12 Days of Christmas – Mirror Image

30) Fat Daddy – Fat Daddy

31)   Christmas Calling – Valerie Masters

32)  When A Child is Born – Susan Boyle & Johnny Mathis

33)  All I Want For Christmas is You – Tony Bennett

34)  Christmas Sleigh Bells – George Garabedian

35)  Feliz Navidad – Los Lonley Boys

36) Wonderful Christmastime (live) – Wings

37)  Happy Xmas (war is over) (demo-early mix) – John Lennon

38) Cherry Cherry Christmas – Neil Diamond

39)  The Little Boy Santa Forgot – Nat King Cole

40) It Feels Like Christmas – The Ghost of Christmas Present (Jerry Nelson)

41)    Santa Eats Little Kids – Dan Hart

42)  God Bless You Merry Gentlemen – The Hiltonaires

43)  Christ Is Born – The Carpenters

44)  Have Reindeer, Will Travel – Johhny Mathis

45)  Christmas at Sea – Sting

46)  Santa Claus Got Stuck In My Chimney – Ella Fitzgerald

47)  NoËl Blanc – Herman Apple

48)  Give Love This Christmas – The Temptations

49)  Parade of the Wooden Soldiers – Larry Clinton

50) Let’s Put The Christ Back In Christmas – The Stonemans

51)   Happy Holidays – Percy Faith and His Orchestra

52)  Christmas Song (chestnuts roasting on an open fire) – Perry Como

53)  Natale das Criancas – Orquestra e Cõro

54)  Christmas Waltz (AwayTeam Remix) – Nancy Wilson

55)  The Holly and the Ivy – Midevil Bæbs

56) Medley (Good King Wenceslas – We Three Kings – Angels We Have Heard) – Bing Crosby

57)  Trim Your Tree – Asylum Street Spankers

58) As Long As I See the Light – Joe Cocker (RIP 1944 – 2014)

59)  Sleigh Ride – Andy Williams

©2014 – While-U-Were-Out Productions


Episode 4 Cancelled Interview

1)     The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Roy Rogers & Dale Evans

2)    Remember (Christmas) Harry Nilsson

3)    Santa’s Going South Heart / Sammy Hagar

4)    Please, Daddy Don’t Get Drunk for Christmas John Denver

5)     Christmas is Starting Now Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

6)     My Most Miserable Christmas Charles Brown

7)    Happy Holiday David Lee Roth

8)    Coming Home Christmas Edward Bear

9)    Santa God Pearl Jam

10)  Santa, You Owe Me Antigone Rising

11)   Christmas Wrapping The Donnas

12)  Silver Bells Mijo Jeong

13)  I Believe in Christmas Time Kirby Krackle

14)  The Bell That Couldn’t Jingle Bobby Helms

15)   Everybody Knows the Claus Hanson

16)   Another Christmas Song (live) Jethro Tull

17)  O Little Town of Bethlehem Korean Orphans Choir

18)  Last Christmas Rap Allstars

19)  2000 Mile Mark Kozelek

20)  Merry Christmas, Baby Sheryl Crow / Eric Clapton

21)  I’ll Be Home for Christmas Twisted Sister / Lita Ford

22)  We Are Santa’s Elves Santa’s Elves

23)  Snow Miser / Heat Miser Dick Shawn / George Irving (RIP Arthur Rankin jr 1924-2014)

24)  Happy Chanukah Moishe Oysher

25)  Chanukah (Shake it Off) Six13

26)  Merry Swiftmas (even though I celebrate Chanukah) Evan Taubenfeld

27)  Hanukkah Song Ash Soular

28)  Man With the Whiskers Hoosier Hot Shots

29)  Christmas Morning Songbird Orchestra & Chorus

30)  ‘twas the Night Before Christmas John Malkovich

31)  Sleigh Ride Jorgen Ingmann

© 2014 While-U-Were-Out Productions


Episode 3 – The “Frozen”ization of Christmas

Compiled by C & A Droz Edited and produced by Keith Droz

1)     The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Overtones

2)    Text Me Merry Christmas – Straight No Chaser / Kristen Bell

3)    I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Doris Day

4)    All I Want for Christmas is You – Newsboys

5)    Christmas Time is Here – Al Jarreau

6)    The Christmas Song (alt take 3) – Vince Guaraldi Trio

7)    I Haven’t Got you Anything for Christmas – Bo Pepper

8)    All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan – Kenny Chesney

9)    Home For Christmas – Cavo

10) Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Idena Menzell / Michael Buble

11)   What Christmas Means to Me – Natalie Grant

12)  Green Christmas – Barenaked Ladies

13)  Why Can’t It Be Christmas All Year – All Things New

14)  Grown-up Christmas List – Liz Callaway

15)  Sing We Now of Christmas – Voices of Liberty

16)  Santa Baby – Lina Wade

17)  Coventry Carol – Sufjan Stevens

18)  Timmy the Toymaker – Romper Room

19)  Jing Jing-a-ling – Honey & the Bees

20) Frosty the Snowman – The Roches

21)  When I Get Home for Christmas – Snow Patrol

22) ‘Zat You, Santa Claus? – Dr. Teeth (Bill Barretta)

23) Christmas Waltz – She & Him

24) (Christmas) Baby Please Come Home – Death Cab for Cutie

25) Winterlove – Parachute

26) Christmas In Our Hearts – Downhere

27) Simple Little Christmas – Anthem Lights

28) My Favorite Time of the Year – Florin Street Band

29) Give Me Christmas – Sidewalk Prophets

30) Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Dr. Juanita Bynum

31)  Sleigh Ride – The Late Greats

©2014 While-U-Were-Out Productions


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